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An informational site, sometimes referred to as a brochure website, typically offers only a few pages and is used by small to medium sized businesses that need a simple online presence. These websites provide information about the company and a way to contact them typically consisting of photos, about section, services offered, and contact us pages. These sites are a form of online business card used to showcase what a company has to offer.


An ecommerce website is used to sell products or services. These websites typically display products in an easy to use system with categories and detailed product listings. Online stores, real estate website, and marketplaces fall under the category of ecommerce based on their structure and design fundamentals. The sites tend to be much larger with individual pages for categories and products resulting in a large number of pages and they require more complex organization that a simple informational website.

Portal or Directory

Portal or directory sites are designed to bring together information for a variety of different sources. These sites can be a way for organizations to display multiple companies or they can be used for internal information. An example of internal portal would be a school that uses their website for a bulletin board or an email system, and maybe even a file management system. Scheduling classes and building profiles are all part of a portal system. Home Owner’s Association’s typically use portal website to provide access for members to access private information like community documents and board meeting information.


A non-profit or charitable organization website is a little different that other sites in the sense that they typically provide a combination of different styles of sites. They are informational, they sometimes offer ecommerce functionality including donation and volunteer sections, and many can act as a portal for members. They typically include blogs and newsletters along with detailed company profiles and member profiles. Calls to action resemble ecommerce while layout and design resembles informational. These sites typically are larger in size and require a more personal touch to reach a target audience.

Landing Pages

A landing page or a 1 page website is exactly as it sounds. The sites are typically designed to look flashy and create a highly specific call to action. Some are designed to get you to make a phone call while others are designed to get you to fill in a contact form so they can target market to you later. Either way they are typically not very SEO friendly and most of the time are used with click funnels or other forms of paid advertising driving traffic to them to build leads.


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