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Digital Services – How a Proper Website is Built

When a building is first imagined, the designer starts with an idea and then brings in professionals to realize that idea. Research is done and blueprints are created and a general layout is designed. This idea holds true in the web design industry as well. Before a website is created it must be designed and research must be done to choose proper imagery and content must be created to decide what the site will say. Often times these services are over looked and designers and the “do it yourself” types do not take this into account.

Without a plan most websites never become final and most do it yourself programs start off great but quickly become overwhelming. Creating a stunning website has a lot to do with the thought and preparation that goes into the initial concept. Hiring a professional designer and web developer is a lot like hiring a general contractor when building a house. We take care of the details and create the complex inner workings that never get seen by the outside world. This leaves you with not only a stunning look on your website, but a site that functions and gets seen by people and search engines alike.

Dragonet Design, LLC. is a one stop shop that creates that visual masterpiece while ensuring the hidden side is just as complex and up to date with the latest trends. We make sure you get seen and your visitors stay on your site once they’ve arrived. Our digital services provide everything from: Logo Design, Social Media Management, Web Design, Photoshop work, and anything in between. Contact us today to discuss your business goals.

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